Cherry Nation. Cherry Pride.


Hey everyone!

It’s hard to believe that pre-production has already started. Just last week the crews were being finalized, and now everyone’s thrown into the typical film festival frenzy.

Cherry is so excited to get started on The Weaver Report. Our crew has Derek Caneja, Peter Bruen, and Andrea Lee as co-directors, Jimmy Lombardi as assistant director, and Darci Bruce as art director.  In the acting department we are looking forward to working with the infamous Jackie Gately as protagonist Steve.  We are sure that he will do a great job. We have stolen Brandon Chin from the rest of the crews to work on music because he rocks. Lastly, we have the pleasure of working with the career and ed student Allie Iannoni.

Friday was our first day of actually settling down and going through the script. There is a lot of personality in one crew…it is definitely going to be an interesting year in Cherry.

It’s all going well so far! There are a lot of obstacles we’re going to have to face as a crew, but we’re anxious to begin this movie. Our binder is already decorated, our vision is finished, and we are almost done with last minute changes to the script. There will be plenty of Cherry Pride this year.  Stay classy.


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