Cross Coverage


Hey Cherry Fans,

We have been filming the Weaver Report for two weeks now, and the shots look great! This movie is coming along quite nicely so far.  We have been working on organization on Final Cut Pro and making sure that every thing is ready for when we start editing.  We recently started to use cross coverage filming, which is very useful because we can film more in less time. Caneja and Bruen had to work together to get a good cross coverage shot.  Andrea couldn’t be with us during the cross coverage filming, but if she were there… “she probably would have screwed it up,” says Bruen sarcastically.  I have been learning a lot about acting from Jackie Gately and Pete Bruen about acting.  I went from a great actor, to an even better actor.  Chin has been working on his awesome music, and it sounds professional.  Even though the music kids can work with any crew… Chin is ours.  But, on a serious note, whoever has the cherry fruit, you’re messing with the wrong crew.  Now this isn’t about us kicking down your door at three in the morning to get the fruit back, or even about us stealing other fruits and mailing parts to you in little boxes — no, we just want our fruit back.

P.S. We are on to you plum…

The Cool Sophomore,

Slim Jim and Caneja

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