Fruit Wars

Hey Cherry lovers! How are y’all doing tonight? It’s Andrea and Darci here, giving you yet another Cherry blog. Well, midterms week was really interesting. Tuesday through Thursday were successful, productive shooting days. Friday, however, was a little different. All of the crews were a little preoccupied by some intense fruit wars. Fruits have been stolen and crews have been blamed. And I (Andrea) was taken hostage and put into a locker in the basement, and then a closet. And I (Darci) did not help her. (Sorry Andrea). But filming worked out well and we shot the opening scene!

Now it is Monday, and unfortunately Derek is not here today. And he happens to have our binder. Mr. Alan just announced that we have to have a cease fire on the fruit wars. It has gotten too extreme and dangerous, and Dragon Fruit, Cherry, and Plum were called out to work out the issues at hand.

SlimJim and Jackie have been amazing for the past week. Like legit they’re all stars. Lambo/Jim/Slim is slowly getting more and more talkative, loud, and talented. Star on the rise? We think so. Supporting role award? Yes.

Jackie is, as always, perfect and amazing. He never fails to impress me with his ability to deliver his lines. And when he wears the tuxedo? Wow. Just wow.

Pete and Derek have been great too. As the rookies, we (Darci and I) are really trying to learn from them. As a result, Darci can now compress files. I am not that skilled yet, because I’ve been too busy being in closets/being on set. But we’ll get there eventually.

Working with Emma has been a pleasure. Especially since Darci had practice during midterms week, it was nice to have another girl on set. Despite all the good news, we have some devastating, heart breaking, horrific news. Brandon……….is gone. As in, is not in Film II. What will we do with ourselves?!?!? Cherry is going to miss him so much. He will always be here in spirit. We are very sad about this, but we’ll move on eventually. We’ll recover.

As far as this week, we have not really planned it out because 1, it is Monday after midterms, and 2, Derek has the binder. But we will continue with the hard work, the insane shooting, and the after school sessions.

In the grand scheme of things, we really are getting a lot done. Our goal is to finish the movie early so we can work even harder on editing. So far, so good!

Well, that’s all from the Cherry crew.

Cherry Out!

-Andrea and Darci

P.S.-We got into the Fruit Nest for the second time!

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