Productive Cherry

Cherry Fans,

Since we rock so much, let’s start talking about how productive Cherry has been during the last week.  This week we had a meeting with Mr. Alan to discuss the Weaver Report and we were able to make revisions to the script and finalize it. We’ve been working on shot lists and story boards, and we’re going to start scheduling too. Also, we finally found our Destiny Jones: Emma Batting. We’re really excited to be working with her. On Wednesday, we had our first art direction meeting. We have Melanie Caneja, Lindsey Bruen, Leah Erwin, Claudia Schoenthaler, Lucy Lynch and Tom McGourty working with us on art direction, and Mrs. Kerr was a huge help at that meeting too. There are a lot of props and costumes that we need to plan out and have available to us, and Darci along with the other art directors are definitely going to help. The meeting went really well and we got a lot of suggestions, and we can’t wait to start.  As of right now, production begins following December break.  The entire crew is working hard to make this happen — teaching, learning, having fun.  Our assistant director, Slim Jim (Jimmy Lombardi), is quickly learning and we feel that he will be a great help.  Finally, we know people may be a little jealous of our crew, but they are just to embarrassed to say it.

-Cherry Crew

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