Heyy cherry fans,

Darci and Chin here for ya. Just chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool, workin on pre-production. Lately Gately, we’ve been rehearsing some scenes with our lead actors trying to get a feel for the rest of the filming process. Matt Landry has been working with Jackie and Slimjim (aka Lambo) to get them ready for our awesome movie. Although Jackie is a seasoned veteran, he will still benefit from this and Slimjim is in the process of being the next Jackie Gately, so I mean our actors are looking pretty good. Cannot wait to start working with Emma as well her personality will add to the collective awesomeness of our group. Since we’ve been so diligent and determined to get this ball rolling, I think Santa’s going to give us a little extra this year.

We may appear to be mean and conceited, but it’s really just confidence and we’d like to apologize to anyone we may offend and compete with in the coming months. Hopefully no friendships will be damaged and we can keep everything clean.

We are now wrapping up the last week before 2012, and we start shooting after vacation!

Stay posted! And happy holidays from the Cherry family ❤

P.s. We just got in the Fruit Nest for the first time! Woohoo!

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